Study on Curriculum About Islam, Muslims and Muslim Communities

Teachers, I invite you to participate in a study on curriculum for teaching about Islam, Muslims and Muslim communities, and the challenges these subjects pose for teachers. Merryfield and Wilson (2005) address issues of bias rooted in imperial views, which are of special significance to these challenges as forty-five of the forty-nine Muslim-majority countries of the world were European colonies, and the remaining five were profoundly impacted by Westernization stemming from European imperialism. You will be asked to share how you teach about women, in particular, with respect to imperial dominance.

Shah Do Shamshira Mosque, Kabul, Afghanistan. By Tom McClimans. All Rights Reserved.
The participants will receive incentives which are not monetary. These include:
  • A lesson plan and materials for implementation for filling out the initial survey. The subject is free to take the instructional materials, regardless of whether or not they complete the survey.
  • A free consultation with me upon completion of the survey.
  • The possibility of co-presenting preliminary results of the study at a professional conference, such as the National Council on the Social Studies.
A summary of initial findings: Perspective Document
The final Dissertation.

If you would like to participate, please respond to this survey[1]:
Thank you so much! My contact information is provided in the survey.

[1] An anonymous link to the survey will be used when this text is sent to large groups through email lists, and social media platforms. Qualtrics, the survey tool I will be using, can anonymize responses by removing email address and IP address of respondent. When I send this message to teachers individually I will track their email addresses. Only I, Melinda McClimans, will have access to the participant data, except that participants will have the ability to request their own data. This data will be stored securely on my personal devices and in Buckeye Box, Qualtrics, and a limited number of paper files kept in my secure campus office, or home office.